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Guide to Florence restaurants, where you can taste good and refined menus, from renaissance to pizza. You can have an answer about a restaurant reservation in Florence and its menu. At your arrival in Florence you will find your coupons in your hotel room as well as your free restaurant reservation.


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Some good Restaurant in Florence

In a little guide we have chosen and selected for you some of the best restaurants in Florence, Italy, of which we can assure the high quality and kindness .

We hope it will be useful for you when organizing your lunch during your busy days in Florence, among museums and arts, or your refined Tuscany-style dinner.

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Restaurant Bucamario


Welcome to Restaurant "Buca Mario" , since 1886,
located in the heart of Florence in the cellars of Palazzo Niccolini.
It offers its clients the taste of real Tuscan cooking.
There you'll taste fabolous freshly made pasta and
superbe grilled meat.



A beautiful staff guided by the Corsetti family for a perfect florentine dinner and one of the best T-Bone florentine steak you can find.



I Ricchi


Refined and elegant for your important dinner in the heart of Florence, excellent and professional service with a very special fusion fish menu.

We can suggest this beautiful food experience for your customer in Florence and for a romantic, elegant and luxury dinner.




Restaurant La Spada

La Spada offers a good faster menu for a lunch
in the center of Florence.
Special dish of the day and roast chiken
take away for a delicious simple break in the day.
Suggested for tourists but also for Florentine people
who work in the center.

  Restaurant Dante

Restaurant-Pizzeria Dante is among the few restaurants of
Florence where you can find good typical Tuscan fish dishes
and a first-class pizza.
The palace where Dante is
located is a typical Florentine building of the 13th Century with
large brick vaults, and it proves to be very enjoyable for Florentines
as well as for tourists.



Restaurant La Pentola Dell'Oro
(Florentine Renaissance menu)

Near Santa Croce, half way down Via di Mezzo, there is a modest building with frosted glass windows in which you can find the Pentola dell'oro, which offers the very best Florentine Renaissance cuisine.
According to Giuseppe Alessi, cooking is a form of art, mixed with research and respect of the ancient recipes, and good feeling with food and its energy. There is no sign outside: one has to know where it is or ask a local resident, but it is well worth discovering. The food is utterly Florentine (Pentola dell'oro has researched the city's archives for good medieval recipes) and genuine in a fully characteristic Florentine atmosphere.



Cantina Il Petrarca

In the countryside of Florence, near outlet The Mall, you can find and try this restored old wine cellar converted into a restaurant.

You can also try the recipes made from Paolo: the owner and chef who mix the Tuscan typical recipes with a new gourmet cousin for a surprised customer.

You will feel the atmosphere and have the privilege of proving one of the best restaurant you can find in the countryside of Florence.

Badia a Passignano

The most original elegant Tuscan menu since the memory of Tuscan grandfathers, tipical dishes served in a classical restaurant gained from the near badia (monastery).

It is a restaurant of the ANTINORI family, were they have a wine cellar, and a big shop where you can buy and order many wine types, grappa, and olive oils.

They organize also cooking courses of one or two day for little groups or personal program.
You can't miss this stop, for the unique and refined menu and also for the class and professionality of Marcello Crini and his Team.

Passignano page details description course, winetasting and restaurants.

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