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Tour in Lucca

Lucca is an ancient city with Roman origins (it became a Latin colony in 180 BC). It still maintains the urban structure and the remains of the first fortifications and the amphitheatre.

It is known as "the city of the hundred churches". A countless number have been preserved and some are deconsacrated. They can be found both inside the famous walls that surround the city, which were fortified to protect the city from attacks in the Middle Ages, and also in the neighbouring areas. The centre of Lucca is scattered with well preserved Middle Age palazzos, among which the most ancient European State Mint, established in 650 AD.

Places worth a visit are the Church of San Michele in Foro, the Church of San Giovanni and Reparata and sure the Cathedral of San Martino whose chapel was built by Matteo Civitali and houses the sculpture of the Volto Santo. The Torre Guinigi is higth 44 and has a characteristic that makes it unique; a wonderful Holm oak planted on its summit.

It is very romantic to take a walk or rent a bike and ride along the ancient walls that have been transformed into a park and enjoy the splendid landscape of the city and its many bell towers that are silhouetted against the horizon of what was once a defensive fortification but that still preserves the charm of maintaining intact the centre of a wonderful Mediaeval city.




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