Transfer tour to/from Rome to/from Florence

Florence Rome
Duration: 8 Hours
Scale: 2 - 8 people
From: Florence
Tour size: 8
To: Rome
Categories: Transfer Tours
Transportations: Car
Transfer tour from/to Rome - Florence with stop of 4 hrs in Civita Bagnoregio or Bomarzo, or Orvieto or Arezzo or Prada outlet or The Mall Outlet

Between Rome and Florence, there are some places we prefer, for the tranquility of the places and for their unspoilt beauty due to the fact that they are not yet included in the main tour. In fact it may think about during a transfer between Rome and Florence or viceversa during a stop and maybe a nice lunch in very interesting towns as Orvieto, Montepulciano, Civita Bagnoregio , Viterbo. civita city that die

We also report one of the most magical places in Italy for a visit that is sweeping adults and children, the art given to magic and mysticism that a place like Monsters Park, in Bomarzo, will remain etched throughout your life, as indeed happened to Salvador Dali who was inspired by this park for some of his greatest works.

Normally, in a day of transfer, you can visit one or two of the stages described, but it is certainly worth evaluating a one-night stopover to visit them all, perhaps with a stop in the city of Bagnaia to visit Villa Lante della Rovere followed by a night swim in the thermal baths.