Antinor wine tour, osteria di Passignano

The Antinori family owns the vineyards all around the Abbey from which "Chianti Classico Riserva di Badia a Passignano" is produced. 

Badia Passignano tour

In order to have people taste and learn about the wines produced in the Antinori estates, in 1995 a small shop was opened just outside the Abbey: the Bottega of Passignano. In 2000 the restaurant "Osteria di Passignano" was opened together with Marcello Crini, deep connoiusseur and enthusiast of Tuscan eno-gastronomic culture, so that to have people understand and enjoy the area, its traditions, its passions and wines through Marcello's great cooking.

We will appreciate to receive you in the historical centenary Antinori abbey cellar, so that you can spend unforgettable moments in a landscape of dream, tasting our dishes and our wines in a perfect balance between tradition and innovation, respecting at the same time this wonderful territory.

I could talk for long about our wine list.
About the choices made thinking of "that winemaker" and of his rows of vines full of bunches of grapes or of a producer friend who sitting at a table observes the color of his wine through the glass, satisfied and at the same time already thinking about the next vintage, or thinking of myself standing on the edge of a slope beholding the perfect nature of the vineyard.
My passion has always guided me in the choice of the wines I present: I am certain that among the pages of the Osteria's wine list you will find, as I have, a wine to fall in love with.

Marcello Crini

Antinori Cellar
Osteria Passignano food

Smooth lies and delicious paradoxes float around extra virgin olive oil and the rhetoric surrounding it. Technical notions used for commercial propaganda, advertising slogans full of techno-theoretical amenities, labels of denomination of origin used like collecting stamps, hugely diverging schools of thought and of tasting, cliche and enduring popular myths; all these contribute to making the world of extra virgin olive oil confusing and varied, where it easily happens that quality can remain undiscovered in spite of sensory evidence and, on the other hand, a products look can determine its success, often in ways which seem unexplainable.

In order to reach the Antinori estate by, you should plan to depart Florence at 14,30pm. Located in the heart of the beautiful countryside of Chianti, you would reach the old Abbacy of Passignano in about forty minutes.
The Osteria di Passignano is a refined restaurant of classical decor. Here you'll enjoy a special menu comprised of many
famous Tuscan dishes served to you by a wonderful staff.

After lunch, you should plan to visit the wine cellar where Tignanello wine is produced. Maurizio, who works in the wine cellar, will provide a clear and detailed description of the Antinori's special method of wine production, including some of the family's secrets as to what differentiates their wine from that of other producers.
The Antinori wine cellar tour takes place Monday, Wednesday and Friday and includes: transportation by private car with an English-speaking driver; a wine cellar tour and wine tasting with Maurizio, more a visit of about 30min in Greve in Chianti and a stop in Piazzale MICHELANGELO IN Florence during return.

Wine Passignano Antinori