A day to remember, in an elegant Tuscan villa you will learn how to drink wine with the assistance of Pierluigi Giachi: your wine tasting teacher.

You will reach this wine school after a nice trip where you can visit San Gimignano and some other small villages in Chianti like Greve in Chianti and Montefioralle.

Throughout the tasting of 5-8 wines, olive oil and the really tasty Tuscany's salami and cheese, you will learn about the smell, the taste and other things to know about wine.

Pierluigi will guide you through the wine and the products within the history of the family and the wine production, from the "lasagne della mamma" to some of the new Super-Tuscan style wines.

It will be a nice full immersion through the wine tasting techniques and also a fun day with a lovely friend. Pierluigi's strong voice will tell you and teach you how to sniff, drink, choose the wine in a restaurant and combine it with the different dishes, spending a really pleasant hour.

In the end you will taste a 30 years aged balsamic vinegar and the "cantuccini and vin santo": the most classical wine dessert in Tuscany.

You can decide whether you want to stay there and taste the Lasagne and Ribollita or go to other places suggested by us. We will decide together as we know a lot of places with all you need to taste: bistecca alla fiorentina, Tuscan dishes and, why not, Tuscan Fusion menus with many fine dishes coming from original Tuscan dishes revisited in modern dishes.

Just tell us what suites you. We will advise you and reserve the best for you.